Event Schedule

This is an unconference.  The event schedule will be filled in and agreed by attendees.  We'll provide a grid of some sort for people to self-organize talks on a first-come, first-served basis.

The event will start at 10am with coffee and a quick introduction to unconferences and what to expect on the day.  There will be time to mingle and fill in the grid before the first session.

Sessions will continue throughout the day, with a couple of breaks and lunch, until around 5pm, at which point we imagine people will head towards a nearby bar or pub (there happens to be one in the building).

A copy of the grid will be put up here soon so you can see what slots are available.  If you want to suggest a session in advance, email michael.brunton-spall@guardian.co.uk to have it added to the grid.  The grid on the day will be pre-populated with your session.