Four Reasons Why It’s Okay to Trick Users in Web Design

They say tricking people is bad. But hey! Sometimes, you have no other choice but to do it since it’s going to benefit both you and them anyway. The bad part of tricking is when doing it in the intent of getting their money that they won’t even give. Now that’s something that you shouldn’t do.

When it comes to web design, there are various things that you can do to trick users into taking their time while they wait for the information to load. Below are four reasons why it’s okay to trick users. Let’s have a look at them.

  1. For Lesser Waiting Times
  2. Imagine clicking on a link, and it just shows you a blank page for a few seconds before the actual content appears. You will think that everything on the site is damn slow. That’s why the loading icons are invented for that reason.
  3. Loading icons are the oldest example of UX distractions. Their purpose is to make users think that something is happening in the background while they are watching on that spinning circle for a few seconds.
  4. In fact, there are plenty of other ways that web developers are using to keep users entertained while a particular content loads. Some graphically heavy sites give you those award-winning animations that you can feast your eyes on, and Chrome gives you a mini-game to play until the internet comes back and so on.

  5. Breathing Life to Old Actions
  6. There are times where people ignore some sections on the site thinking that it’s just one “boring” page anyway. That’s why some web developers use some tricking techniques to lure people on that particular section of their site.
  7. Take the “Kutia” website as an example. They implemented a trick in the form of a questionnaire that takes people directly to their contact page while providing information about the solutions they can give at the same time.
  8. First, they will ask you a question about how can they help you, and then you will be greeted by myriads of answers that you can choose from which takes you directly to their contact page once you click it.

  9. To Create a Smoother Browsing Experience
  10. Everything we see with our eyes is recorded. And this not only applies to everything we see around us, but also when it comes to browsing a site too. And this is where web developers do the tricking to create a smoother and fluid browsing experience.
  11. Imagine visiting a website that loads slower than a snail; images take forever to show up, fonts are taking their time before going primetime, and so on. That’s why web designers use tricks to distract users while everything is working on the background.
  12. Such example is giving them a lengthy paragraph to read while the first set of images are loading up, or forcing users to watch a short animation of the page to keep them entertained.

  13. To Surprise Users
  14. And lastly is to entertain and surprise users. However, this kind of approach is not effective at some times. Users visit your site to get the information they want to solve their problems, not to be surprised at.
  15. Web users usually click on a link, read for a few minutes, and get out. They are there to get something they need, and most users prefer to do that instead of bombarded with something they don’t want in the first place.
  16. However, you can still implement some few tricks to surprise them but be sure to do it in a way that won’t distract their experience. Your loyal site visitors would highly appreciate your effort in doing so.